A New Trick

Alhambra, Granada, Spain

One of the main reasons for starting this project to delve into my photo archive was to see what I might be able to learn in the process of evaluating and editing these past photos. I've always been a fan of experimenting with various editing techniques to see what might result, but I have to say that this one is by far the most extensive.

I processed the photo above using my normal techniques and work flow and I'm happy with the results, but this time I decided to go even further and see what I could do with some true experimentation. With the edited photo above as my starting point I dove into essentially turning the photo into a painting. I want to emphasize that this is not like the digital painting I posted a few weeks ago. This "painting" is the photo above, but processed to look like a painting (which is why everything lines up perfectly with the photo and there are no "interpretations"). I doubt this is something I'll do frequently, but I can think of a few specific photos which would make for interesting subjects to apply the effect. This doesn't signify the end of my digital painting efforts, but it does represent another step in the path to widening my photographic ability.

Painting-like, Alahambra, Granada, Spain