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Water Party

The last two weekends I've taken photos at the birthday parties for a couple of friends' kids. In the course of doing the post-processing for those photos I cam to the realization that I only ever made it through a handful of my photos from this winter's road trip. As a part of that realization I realized that I haven't written anything here in three months either. It is past time for that to change.

Museum Party

So I plan to get back to my weekly photography posts starting tomorrow. In the interest of establishing a bit more of a routine, my intention is to do the weekly photograph on Fridays. I also have a couple of other ideas simmering for some writing I want to do which will likely be posted at some point as well. Whether they'll turn into series similar to the photography one or not remains to be seen.

Now I know that given that the course of the year so far has been half consistent and half completely absent so there is ample reason to be slightly doubtful that I'll keep up. Hopefully I'll keep up and disprove any of you who may doubt.

Dubious Karlie