Bicycle in the Snow, Telluride, CO

I find it interesting the way that my photo processing tends to enter into patterns. For a while, I'll enter into a trend where I have a particular look that I enjoy and then I look back and notice that many of the photos I processed end up with a similar look. Oftentimes it will change subtly over time (frequently as I get better with whatever processing technique I'm enamored with at the moment), but there is still a very noticeable thread.

I haven't decided yet whether I think it's a good thing or a bad thing or maybe just a neutral part of my development as a photographer. There's certainly an element of finding my voice which comes into play during post-processing especially. One particularly enjoyable aspect of delving back into my past photos has been seeing which pieces of my style remain similar and which evolve.

Trees in the Fog, San Juan National Forest, CO

One style that I used to not use very often at all is more heavily editing to reinforce a particular mood. Some of my first experiments with that were earlier this year when I was working with some of my photos from Point Reyes Lighthouse. I really like the way that desaturating a photo complements what happens when you're looking out into fog.

Trees in the Fog - B&W, San Juan National Forest, CO